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1. How to make a purchase at VizzioLand

VizzioLand does not use purchasing processes other than those of any online store. Although if you are new to shopping online, this information may be useful to you. To place an order, you will have to visit the page of the product you are interested in and then click on the “Buy now” button located on the right side of the page. You will be redirected to the payment page, where you will have to choose a payment method to make your purchase, in most countries, we will accept payments through bank cards and Paypal, some other payment gateways may be shown or hidden on depending on the region you are purchasing from. Once the transaction is completed, you receive your product immediately to the email address you registered at the time of payment. And, if you have created an account, you can also view your purchases from your customer panel.

como comprar

Purchasing process in VizzioLand – Example Capture (Discord Nitro)< /figcaption>

We find ourselves working all day. So your purchase is always delivered on time. Usually the order is processed in less than ten minutes and sent to your email address after that. Additionally, if you created an account before purchasing, you will also be able to see your purchased item from your library, you can access it from your customer panel. Please note that if you have chosen an offline payment method when completing your purchase (such as bank transfer or QR), the payment must first be verified manually by one of our agents. Unlike payments with cards or PayPal, where confirmation of payment and delivery is immediate.

2. About payment methods

VizzioLand is responsible for offering the most relevant payment methods to the user based on their location. For this reason, some payment methods may not be displayed in regions where said gateway is not accepted. Additionally, please note that our platform uses third-party internet companies that process payments and transactions. Some payment gateways are universal, such as debit/credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. However, to discover the local payment methods available in your country, check the brand logos under the “Buy Now” button on the product page. VizzioLand uses the safest and most well-known payment gateways to ensure the security of the transaction and the confidentiality of your data. At the end of your purchase, we will ask for some important information to process your order (such as email addresses and cell phone number).

This information is only requested in order to improve your purchasing experience and make effective communication and delivery of your product. Additionally, the payment processors used by VizzioLand also guarantee the security of your purchase and the privacy of your data, for more information, review our privacy policy. Just as there are localized payment gateways, some of them are global and are available in most countries, as is the case of transactions through debit/credit cards, Paypal and bank transfers.

3. Delivery times

The delivery times of the purchased product are directly governed by the naturalness of the product, if the digital product is a code or an activation key, you will receive the code instantly after payment. If, on the other hand, you are going to purchase a physical product, you should check the delivery times on the product page or ask one of our agents directly via WhatsApp. It is important to keep in mind that automatic deliveries are not activated for purchases during the early morning hours, if you placed an order after 10:00 PM (UTC-5), you must wait the next day to receive your product, starting at 8:00 AM.

To maximize security on our platform and avoid possible fraud attempts, deliveries are strictly made through the information provided by the buyer when completing their order (email or cell phone), claims will not be accepted if the information has been entered incorrectly. delivery information, it is also not possible to request delivery of the product through external means (Facebook, Telegram, etc.). These scenarios are very specific and for most people should not be a concern. But in any case, to avoid possible problems with the deliveries of your purchases, it is always better to create an account before placing an order, that way there is a record and you can view your orders from your customer panel.

In case you decide to purchase a product through WhatsApp through an agent (and make a purchase outside the vizzioland.com platform). Delivery times are governed by what was agreed with the agent or seller with whom you made the deal. We recommend making most of your purchases within the same platform, you can earn discount points for each purchase and you get an automatic record of the transactions made in your account, as well as payment receipts.

4. About guarantees

Each product has different warranty periods, which in most cases apply the following features: free returns, replacements, among other bonuses. However, all types of warranty on each product on this platform are governed by the same premise, VizzioLand’s standard warranty includes:

  • Functionality: The product received must be functional and delivered in a usable state. If not, the user can request an immediate replacement or a return, if they comply with the refund policies.
  • Delivery time: Most products will be delivered in less than 60 minutes during the day unless otherwise specified. However, the warranty also covers a maximum shipping time of 24 hours. If your product is not delivered within this time range, you can request an immediate refund with the payment gateway you used when completing the purchase or directly with a VizzioLand advisor via Whatsapp.
  • Consistency of the product delivered: In which case the product delivered is substantially different from what is described on the purchase page. The user has the right to request a full refund if they so choose. All products delivered must be identical to how they are described.

Remember, all your purchases come with VizzioLand’s standard warranty, which promises everything mentioned above. If you have a problem with a purchase, we recommend contacting support no later than 30 days after making the purchase. After that time, requests for free returns will not be accepted. This section covers the general warranty of the platform on all products, but each one may have additional protections and premises. In which case, you should review separately from the product page (Example Screenshot).


Product guarantees

5. How to contact support

Talking to an advisor to clear your queries is easy. Follow these steps to get in touch.

  1. Visit a product page.
  2. Locate the cursor in the central part and click on ask.
  3. You will be redirected to Whatsapp to chat with an advisor.
ask a question

Contact an advisor

Remember that you will also find contact information at the bottom, at the end of the page. Instant attention is subject to the time in which the communication is made, most of our agents will be available from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (UTC -5). To verify the immediate availability of an advisor, verify that in the contact box, the chat symbol is painted green. Also, if you prefer another method of communication, here are our direct links:

The customer service channels mentioned above are valid to consult specific functionality of a product, specific questions, reporting errors on the page, problems with a purchase, among other topics that cover the company-consumer relationship. If you wish to contact VizzioLand to consult a professional aspect, please write to: [email protected].

6. About refunds

At VizzioLand there are two types of refunds. The availability of each one will depend on the naturalness of the product in question, the time of use, payment method, among other characteristics that are specified at the time of initiating your claim. Every customer who makes a purchase on this platform has the right to submit a refund request, whether the request is approved or rejected will depend on these factors:

  • Time of use: This variable includes the number of minutes, hours and days that have passed since the moment of purchase.
  • Product format: Whether it is digital or physical.
  • Product category: The category or item to which the product in question belongs.
  • Warranty: The warranty coverage conditions that the user accepted before making their purchase.
  • Type of product: If the product is a digital key, an account, a physical good, an online service, among others.

Why do we take this information into account?
When processing a return, VizzioLand undertakes to assume the costs of management, payment processing, refunds and other maintenance services of the website where the user made the canceled purchase. Depending on the method used when purchasing, VizzioLand must also cover other expenses to the companies that provide us with their payment and monitoring services in banking transactions. Finally, the time that passes from a purchase until the moment of a refund represents a continuous devaluation of the good in question. It is for these reasons that VizzioLand establishes certain restrictions when processing a refund, so that neither the buyer, nor the seller, nor the company can be affected in an obvious way.
Specific refund conditions are published in the description of each product page, above the price. However, in general, all purchases that a user makes, in which the product description does not directly match the good they receive, will result in an immediate refund, without room for extra review or verification processes. On the other hand, if a refund is requested for a reason unrelated to the platform’s operations (for example: the buyer regretted it, made a purchase in error, no longer wants the product, etc.), the determination of a refund request refund will be directly subject to the decision we make at our discretion, in this case, we are not obliged to grant a refund.

7. Request a return

At VizzioLand, you can request free returns on most products. To request a return, the following conditions must be met:

  • Not having allowed more than 48 hours to pass from the moment of purchase.
  • Not having altered the goods sent.
  • Not having requested another return in the last five days.
  • The good must be exactly as it was delivered.
  • It is essential that the product to be returned still works.
  • Not having put restriction measures on the product, for example, adding a backup phone to a digital account.
  • The product to be refunded cannot be a code or a numerical license. See “Return Policies.”

Before making a refund request, it is extremely important that you take a look at our “Satisfaction Program” to verify that, in fact, the product you purchased falls within the category that allows refunds and/or returns. In addition, it will be essential that you are familiar with VizzioLand’s “Return Policy”, where you will find restrictions and refund availability depending on the type of product in question.

8. Opening hours

VizzioLand is a company originating in Peru, therefore, the UTC-5 time standard must be taken as a reference, which is the coordinated universal time where the schedules of our advisors are found and on which it is based. general our customer service. The store will be open for consultations and other provisions within a time range of 14 hours a day, every day of the week. You can contact us from 8:00 AM (eight in the morning) until 10:00 PM (ten at night).
We aim for a response time to queries of less than ten minutes for communications via WhatsApp, and less than 24 hours via Facebook and email. We strongly encourage our users to be patient, as there may be additional delays in our response, in which case the customer will have to wait in line for their turn. For faster attention, users should leave queries directly in the chat and avoid asking open or on-air questions, which do not provide exact information about what you need. It is also important to avoid asking questions that are already answered in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section and in the product description itself, if applicable. VizzioLand is responsible for personalizing attention to each user, to offer a better communication experience. Therefore, we will save all the chats of each client and identify them based on their cell phone number, IP or email nickname. In this way, it is easier to continue previous consultations. Personalized attention is only available to platform customers who have made at least one purchase on the page and have a registered account.

9. Regional support

VizzioLand services are open to users worldwide, unless otherwise specified on any landing or product page. “Support” refers to the ability of a user to carry out transactions through the platform, as well as access the store’s support and make use of the payment methods offered. The currencies accepted on vizzioland.com are the following: USD, EUR, PEN, MXN, COP, CLP, BOB, ARS, GBP and BRL. It should be noted that purchases made through bank cards, with currencies not listed here, will undergo a currency conversion, in which the list price may differ slightly from the final price. This is subject to the conversion rates applied by your bank and international transaction fees (if applicable).

10. Accepted payment methods

VizzioLand offers you different payment gateways, operated by third-party companies that provide their payment processing services to this platform. Payment methods are subject to constant improvements and/or changes. In addition, it should be noted that depending on the country in which a user is operating, the payment options offered may vary. Keep in mind that with the intention of improving the user experience of the platform and offering alternatives that are easily accessible in the user’s region, we can hide payment alternatives that are irrelevant in the specific situation. On the other hand, in most cases, the payment options offered will be local and will be restricted to the local currency of the user’s country.
How to pay with a currency different from that of my country?
Let’s imagine that you are in the United States, and you do not want to pay with USD, if you do not prefer to pay with the EUR currency. In this case, you can change the Currency from the top menu on the web page, as shown in the following screenshot (taken from the desktop version).


Currency exchange at vizzioland.com

Please note that depending on the currency you have selected, some payment methods may disappear and new ones may appear that are suitable for the chosen currency. And that, if paying with bank cards, the currency conversion will be based on the current rates of your bank and/or the commissions that this identity charges for international online operations. At VizzioLand you can use debit or credit cards to make your purchases, and also make payments in installments (subject to the regions that support it).

11. About product safety

All products advertised, for sale and/or promoted on vizzioland.com are legitimate and official. VizzioLand guarantees the security and legitimacy of all products published on its platform, and is responsible for giving its users the peace of mind of making deals for legal and original products. Products advertised in this store are strictly excluded from this list, digital goods in this store DO NOT imply:

  • Counterfeit editions: Products that are not the same as their original version released by their manufacturer, but have been altered.
  • Illegally acquired goods: Carding, refund systems, tricks, proxies, exploits and any other illegal way to obtain products.
  • Self-renewable: Products that promise a renewal of the specific service as the months go by. They are usually common in subscription services.
  • Expired licenses: Codes, numerical keys whose expiration date is before the date of purchase.

When you buy on this platform, you are guaranteed to obtain functional products, without an expiration date (if not specified otherwise), official keys/accounts and acquired/distributed legitimately. If you have any problems with your digital products, please contact support to receive a solution. Please note that the security measures that VizzioLand takes to prevent these frauds apply specifically to products sold through the platform, but there may be exceptions when the seller is an individual, affiliated as a seller with this platform. In which case, VizzioLand promises to be as strict as possible to ensure safety.

12. How we respect privacy

This content explains how VizzioLand uses your data when you send information to the server through forms or other situations that warrant it. For example, when you make a purchase or when you contact support. First, to understand why it is important to request this information from you, you must keep in mind how important it is for us to be able to communicate with you in situations that require it.

Below, we will mention the most common scenarios in which we request your information, there may be another method of requesting information that is not found here, in that case, take as reference the conditions of use established for the first point (when making a purchase). .

Scenarios where your information is requested

  • When placing an order: When you make a purchase on our platform, we will ask for necessary communication information, which primarily includes an email address where the product can be sent. For internal Marketing purposes, VizzioLand will use your email address to (occasionally) send promotions that the user may like. If you are one of the people who prefers not to receive any type of promotion in your email, then you can cancel this subscription and never receive any email from the platform again. To do so, go to the bottom of the promotional email and click “Unsubscribe.”

    Link to unsubscribe
  • When using the contact form: When using a contact form, you will find three fields that you will need to fill out: Full name, email, country, and a phone number. The purpose of this information is to improve the service experience that VizzioLand can offer its users. In turn, the information required helps us understand the context of the situation and be more effective when providing a response. VizzioLand will never send promotional content to your email or phone when you use the contact form.
  • When creating an account: When you create an account on this platform, we store your email, name and phone number. VizzioLand takes the liberty of sending weekly promotions to these contact channels, unless the user specifies otherwise in the affiliation process. Having an account is important to keep track of orders, print receipts and accumulate VZ Points.
  • When subscribing to the Newsletter: If you decide to subscribe to the VizzioLand Newsletter. You agree to receive promotions on a weekly basis that our Marketing team believes may interest you. A Newsletter or bulletin is an affiliation of the user to the offers, promotions or information that VizzioLand finds appropriate for the user, the sending of this data is made to an email address that the user must have previously specified.

13. Service channels

VizzioLand offers you numerous service channels, which are very easy to access. You can contact us from the information located at the bottom of the page, where you will find phone numbers and access to chats through social networks. You can communicate with our support through the following means:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Phone call
  • Electronic Mail
  • Instagram

Please keep in mind that each means of communication is attended to by different advisors, so you should only write through one medium at a time, in this way we can establish a more ideal flow of attention. In this way, we are also able to continue previous queries and offer you the best care experience.

14. Delivery means

When you make a purchase at VizzioLand, your purchase is automatically sent to the email address you specified when completing your order. In addition, you can view your purchase history and receipts from the customer panel. If required by the user, it is also possible to send the digital product through Whatsapp, to do this, the user must contact one of our support numbers after their purchase, indicating their order number.

If you already have a registered account on this platform, then you do not need to specify your email address again when completing your purchase, the order is sent directly to the email linked in your account, unless otherwise specified in the options of shipping. In which case, the email entered in the payment process will predominate.

I have made the purchase, but I have not yet received the email with the product. Why?

If you have made your purchase and your email has not yet arrived with your product, there is no need to worry. This may be due to certain common reasons when processing payments, but rest assured that all orders are received by our team, and depending on the situation it may take more or less time to be shipped. Here you can find the main reasons why your order may be taking longer to be shipped:

  • Offline payment method: When you choose a payment method when placing your order, the shipment will not be made until the payment has been manually verified by one of our advisors. What are offline payments? ? They are transactions that are not verified through the network, but rather a person is needed to verify that the payment has been made correctly. Some examples of offline payment are: Bank transfers, YAPE, QR payments, Agent payments
  • The product requires prior preparation: This occurs when the product purchased is a digital good that requires prior preparation by our team to be sent, for example, private accounts of some service or specific digital good.
  • The order was placed in the early morning: We will always send your products immediately after purchase, unless… we are sleeping. If you make a purchase outside our business hours (8:00 AM – 10:00 PM UTC-5), you will have to wait until the next day to receive the product.

15. VZ Discount Points

What are the VZ Points that we offer for every purchase you make? If you have noticed, on any product page, you will see a message informing you of the amount of VZ Discount Points you would get by purchasing that specific product. VizzioLand assigns these points to its users, as a form of bonus and loyalty when they make a purchase.


VizzioLand discount points

These points can be used on other purchases to get an extra discount, and if you accumulate enough points, you can even get free games on our platform. But how much is the real value of VZ Points? You can see the current conversion rate with your local currency from the customer dashboard.
Keep in mind that VZ Points will only be assigned to those users who make their purchases with an account registered on the platform, otherwise, a purchase as a guest does not apply to accumulate points!

16. Advantages of having an account

To use this platform, we do not necessarily require the creation of an account or affiliation with vizzioland.com. However, we always recommend creating an account before making your purchases, as it brings some benefits that are not possible to acquire if you are not registered. In addition to having a history of your purchases and accessing receipts for your transactions, a VizzioLand account allows you to accumulate discount points for each purchase you make, providing great short-term savings. If you want to know more about VZ Discount Points and how they work, see the previous point. If you already have an account, you can view your accumulated points from the “Points” section in your customer dashboard.. On the contrary, if you have not registered yet, you can create a free account and get a welcome bonus of 80 VZ Points to spend on whatever you want in our store. To register, simply visit http://vizzioland.com/account.

17. Using discount coupons

Typically, VizzioLand may run unique campaigns and/or promotions that allow users to get discounts on their purchases through discount codes or “coupons.” Discount codes can be used multiple times to get a discount, until their expiration date reaches. It is important to keep in mind that it is not possible to combine two discount coupons in the same purchase or cart. Only one will prevail if you try to place an order with a double discount. Coupons can also be used on both regular priced and discounted products. When using coupons, there may be certain error messages that you may encounter. These are some of the most common:

  • Expired coupon: It means that the code you want to use has been from a past promotion, which has expired. And it cannot be used currently.
  • Insufficient amount: This happens when the amount of the transaction in which you want to apply the coupon is too low. In some cases, coupons only work with purchases greater than X amount.
  • Product does not apply: This occurs when the coupon is exclusive for a certain product category or specific item. Consult the source from which you received the code for more information.
  • Create an account: The coupon in question does not work on guest purchases, it will be necessary to create an account to redeem it.

18. Transactions and security

VizzioLand uses and relies on external platforms to process its transactions and offer the greatest security. When you make an online purchase within this platform, most transactions will have an extra layer of security to avoid fraud and will require mandatory 3Ds security. What is 3Ds? It is an anti-fraud method that some online payment companies use to guarantee a secure transaction. This technology requests the bank for a confirmation method from the user before the payment can be made. These verification methods are usually: Codes sent by SMS to the number affiliated with your bank or email, digital token, etc.

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About SSL certificate and payment security

Secure Payment SSL Encryption

We take all reasonable steps to protect our customers’ personal information from loss, misuse and alteration. We use encryption technology whenever we receive and transfer your personal information on our site.

When you view a page requesting personal information, the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser will begin with “https”. This indicates that your transaction session is secured through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Note that some browsers do not display the full URL. In this case, click in the URL address field and use the left arrow to navigate to the beginning of that field.

If you are viewing a web page requesting personal information on our website that does not begin with “https”, please contact VizzioLand at 51922637018 to complete your purchase.